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TestOps in Software Testing: What is its Role?

Gravity Testing Gravity

Introduction Before diving into the TestOps approach, let’s introduce the DevOps first. With the widespread adoption of agile methodologies and…

prioritizing smoke test cases

Strategies for selecting and prioritizing smoke test cases

Gravity Testing Gravity

Introduction Before deep diving into selecting and prioritizing smoke test cases, let’s introduce the concept of Smoke Testing. Smoke testing…

Product Update - Juin 2024

Product Update, June 2024

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

Hello! 🏖️ Summer is on its way, and we’re delighted to warmly welcome new features to Gravity with this product…

Tracking memory leaks using Cypress

Tracking memory leaks using Cypress

Dev Gravity Gravity

TLDR; Last week, we were notified by our colleague Christiano that the Gravity application was facing quite a huge problem…

The Pesticide Paradox

Shifting-right: beating the Pesticide Paradox in Automated Testing

AI Gravity Testing Gravity

More tests does not necessarily lead to higher quality Before delving into the Pesticide Paradox, let’s provide a brief overview…

Quality Intelligence

What is Quality Intelligence?

Gravity Testing Gravity

The challenge of assessing the effectiveness of testing Before diving into Quality intelligence, let’s talk about the testing effectiveness challenge.…

Smoke Tests

Smoke Tests: What is-it?

Testing Gravity

Définition Smoke tests are, according to ISTQB definition:  A test suite that covers the main functionality of a component or…

Product Update - March 2024

Product Update – March 2024

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

Hello! 🌸 Spring has arrived with its share of good news: including our Product Update!! The features we’ve been talking…

Coverage requirements

Combining Usage and Requirement Coverage for Higher Quality

Gravity Testing Gravity

Requirement Coverage in a Nutshell Requirement coverage is a crucial metric in software testing that gauges the thoroughness of the…

Build a ChatGPT-like app

How To Build a ChatGPT-like Web App

AI Smartesting

With Bun/Elysia/HTMX/UnoCSS For quite some time, OpenAI was the sole API provider of large language models (LLMs) for many of…

Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, and Regression Testing

📈 Quality with Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing & Regression Testing

Gravity Testing Gravity

Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, and Regression testing: the Trifecta Understanding the differences between Smoke, Sanity, and Regression Testing is crucial…

Usage-Centric Testing

Unlocking Quality Insights with Usage-Centric Testing

Gravity Testing Gravity

Historically, software testing was confined to pre-production environments to validate the application against the written requirements. (also known as requirement-based…

Fine-Tuning LLMs For Testers: A Cost-Effective Alternative to GPT

Fine-Tuning LLMs For Testers: A Cost-Effective Alternative to GPT

AI Smartesting

The surge of Large Language Models (LLM) like GPT has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we approach natural language understanding and…

Product Update, December 2023

News Gravity Gravity

Hello!  Autumn is on its way, and as the leaves fall, so do the new features in Gravity. In our…


Yest Yest®

Explore the essential tools used by QA teams for streamlined testing processes. Elevate your testing game with these must-have solutions.

Agile testing best practices – Gherkin-based BDD versus Visual ATDD

Astuces Yest®

Discuss and formulate acceptance test scenarios to reinforce requirements elicitation has become a strong agile practice in the recent years.…

AI Test Automation

Is your Test Automation Framework ready for the AI Era?

AI Gravity Gravity

With the rise of Large Language Models (LLMs), software testing is progressing towards increased automation of testing activities. What about…

regression tests

Generating regression tests on the fly: what for?

Gravity Testing Gravity

Introduction We’ve been talking about AI for a few years now, but since the publication of ChatGPT, it’s now seen…

Test Smarter, Prioritize

Test Smarter, Not Harder: Prioritize Regression Test Cases

Gravity Testing Gravity

Hey there, if you are here is because you want to learn how to Test Smarter so let’s go!! Regression…

AI Gravity

AI for Gravity – A look back at some of our explorations 

AI Gravity Gravity

Machine learning and generative AI are at the heart of our Gravity product development and roadmap. In this post, we…

Regression testing

Regression Testing: What is it?

Gravity Testing Gravity

Regression testing is a vital software testing technique that helps ensure application quality and reliability during software development. It involves…

Gravity product update - User journeys

User Journeys & Video Recording: Product update October 2023

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

Hello!!! Since the start of the new school year, we’ve had a lot of news to share with you! The…

Usage-centric Approach

Optimizing E2E Testing with AI: The Usage-Centric Paradigm

Gravity Testing Gravity

In the world of software development, End-to-End (E2E) testing, especially through the Usage-Centric approach, plays a pivotal role, simulating real-life…

E2E testing, agile

E2E Testing in Agile Development: Balancing Speed and Reliability

Gravity Testing Gravity

In the fast-paced world of Agile software development, where innovation and flexibility are crucial, maintaining dependability while rapidly introducing new…

LLM Agents

Mastering LLM Agents: The Tester’s Essential Guide

AI Gravity Smartesting

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as OpenAI’s GPT and Meta’s LLaMa genuinely are the biggest technical revolution since the invention…

Coverage E2E tests

Which coverage indicator for your E2E tests?

Gravity Testing Gravity

When producing E2E test suites, one challenge is to know what to test first, and when to consider that the…

Visual ATDD – Model-Based Testing en Agile

Astuces Yest®

The crux of habit You’re probably familiar with this scenario: at the start of a new (school) year, we make…

User sessions

Testing User Sessions: Understanding the Importance of Coverage

Dev Gravity Testing Gravity

We have recently added a new feature in Gravity that allows us to see the coverage of an E2E test…

Risk-Based Testing with Yest

Dev Gravity

As we all know, exhaustive testing is impossible. With few exceptions, you have to make a choice and focus your…

Gravity new features

Gravity new features : Product update – Q2 2023

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

Hello there!!! As summer has just settled, and before we enjoy the sun, the beach, and other pleasant activities, let’s…

Quality engineering trough Usage centric testing

Quality Engineering through Usage-centric Testing

Gravity Testing Gravity

Enhancing user journeys streamlining the software production system In today’s fast-paced and competitive software development landscape, ensuring high-quality products while…

Eurostar Conference

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

From June 13th to 16th, a part of our team attended the Eurostar Conference held in Antwerp, Belgium to present…

JFTL 2023 - Gravity by Smartesting

A Glimpse into the 2023 JFTL Experience

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

The event The JFTL “Journée Française du Test Logiciel / French day of Software Testing” is a gathering of professionals…

AI Automation - Artificial intelligence in test automation

Maximizing Automation Efficiency with AI: Unleashing the Power of Intelligent QA

Gravity Testing Gravity

Hello everybody! Today, we explore how we can deliver high-quality products efficiently and at an accelerated pace with AI and…

Example mapping blog post image

Shaping user stories with “example mapping”

Dev Gravity Gravity

TL;DR We introduced example mapping workshops as soon as we set up the development process at the beginning of the…

State of Test Automation 2023: Keeping our E2E Test Suites Lean and Valuable

State of Test Automation 2023: Keeping our E2E Test Suites Lean and Valuable

Gravity Testing Gravity

What we learned from the survey “State of Test Automation 2023”: Keeping our E2E Test Suites Lean and Valuable The…

Visual of our blogpost : What should we test?

What Should We Test?

Gravity Testing Gravity

This seemingly elementary question is one of the most complex in the world of quality and testing… while being perhaps…

Ensuring Security in Software Testing

Ensuring Security in Software Testing: Safeguarding Applications from Vulnerabilities

Gravity Testing Gravity

Protecting applications from potential vulnerabilities is crucial in today’s digital landscape. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, ensuring software…

regression test

Regression Testing: Essential Areas to Focus on

Gravity Testing Gravity

Regression is a major topic in Agile testing. Its importance is major because in Agile we iteratively build our product,…

Product update Q1 – Gravity

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

Hey all ????, it’s time for a product update! Let’s review what happened in Gravity these last three months. Our…

A glimpse of Devoxx - Gravity

A glimpse of Devoxx

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

If you attended to Devoxx France last week, you may have bumped into the Gravity stand and people from our…

Blog post : Importance of test automation

The Importance of Test Automation in Software Development

Gravity Testing Gravity

In today’s digital age, software development has become a critical aspect of businesses worldwide. To ensure the delivery of high-quality…

Cucumber stack

The perfect Cucumber stack

Dev Gravity Gravity

Cucumber stack: One problem with Cucumber scenario automation A while ago, when I was first introduced to the concepts of…

Hexagonal Architecture schema

How Hexagonal Architecture made our developer’s life better

Dev Gravity Gravity

Hexagonal Architecture is great, did you even doubt it? Let’s focus on the benefits provided by this approach and how…


How wonderful it is to work with a JavaScript backend

Dev Gravity Gravity

JavaScript gets a lot of (well-deserved) hate for being an awful language. Java is still often considered as not being fit for backend development.…

Product Update Q1 2023

Product update Q1 – Gravity

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

Hey all ????, it’s time for a product update! Let’s review what happened in Gravity these last three months. Our…

Gravity testing Update 4

Gravity product update – Q4 2022

Gravity News Gravity Gravity

We released the first usable version of Gravity just after last summer (see the story of our reboot here). We…

The DevOps infinity loop in 3D

Usage-centric Testing part 2: a shift-right approach

Gravity Testing Gravity

In the second part of this series, we will see how shift-right testing, and particularly “Usage-centric Testing”, can help design…

The Agile automated test Pyramide - 3D

Usage-centric Testing part 1: E2E testing, a love/hate relationship

Gravity Testing Gravity

Before we dig further into Usage-centric Testing itself, this first part is a reminder about why it is important (and…