Test generation with Yest: smart test, faster

Yest modernizes Model-Based Testing (MBT) and test generation. Yest offers a whole range of functions to enhance the creative work of test design and speed up the painstaking task of writing test cases (“implementation” in ISTQB language). Whether you’re aiming for manual or automated test execution.

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Design and implement the most relevant tests with automatic test generation

Yest enables you to produce the best tests, the ones that really make a difference to your production releases. How do you do this?

  • By clearly posing the problem in visual form (isn’t a well-posed problem only half-solved?). These visual representations also form the backbone of living product documentation.
  • By facilitating collaborative test design that takes into account the richness of the different points of view of QA, business analysts and developers (the famous “3 amigos”). The free Yest® for Jira add-on enables you to share and capitalize on functional knowledge, graphically represented at the very heart of the team’s collaborative tool.
  • By giving you complete control over your test coverage with a minimum number of test cases.

Accelerate test creation and update by 40%

With Yest, QA teams now have their own IDE, just like their development colleagues, but one dedicated to testing. Thanks to Yest’s numerous accelerating and refactoring functions, QA teams can start work earlier, alongside developers. They benefit from powerful accelerators, such as test generation, auto-completion and dataset combinations…… They no longer have to worry about untimely changes to specifications, requirements or User Stories. In fact, they can refactor their tests and integrate functional evolutions with the help of numerous wizards. These include automatic impact analysis, controlled propagation of changes, suggested corrections, etc.All in all, the tool takes care of many of the tedious and repetitive aspects of testers’ work, with a 40% improvement in velocity. Efficiency or pleasure? Both, Captain!

Test automation: greatly increase your chances of success

Test automation is a multi-dimensional challenge: 

  • technical, to develop stable automated tests without “flakyness”.
  • organizational, as silos remain in many companies, leading to costly rework.
  • human, as test automation engineers are rare and expensive resources, working on several projects in parallel.
  • Test generation with Yest produces an optimized number of natively structured tests for automation. Yest bridges the gap and establishes collaboration with automation engineers. This enables functional testers to contribute to the automation effort, and test automation engineers to focus on the technical challenges. The result: robust, future-proof automated testing.

Yest integrates seamlessly with a multitude of automation tools such as Selenium, Robotframework, Cypress, Tosca and others.

All Yest features

Visual and collaborative test design

Yest’s graphical application workflows provide a business-oriented representation of tests that everyone can understand. These workflows are also available in Yest for Jira, so that they can be shared with the entire product team. In this way, Yest implements a shift-left approach and genuine collaboration to design the best test scenarios. Yest is Model-Based Testing (MBT) revisited for the Agile era.


Yest’s ultra-simple graphic palette lets you easily represent test scenarios at a business level. To keep the graphical workflows  as legible as possible, the graphical editor offers the possibility of prioritizing the workflows with sub-workflows, sub-sub-workflows…The Yest Enterprise edition synchronizes these test workflows in Jira for better sharing with the whole team.

Implementation accelerators and refactoring functions in a tester's IDE

Test generation, automatic impact analysis, auto-completion, controlled propagation of changes, automatic combination of datasets… Yest offers a wide range of accelerating and refactoring functions to implement an optimized number of tests with the desired coverage 40% faster. With Yest, functional testers finally have their own dedicated IDE, enabling them to match their velocity with that of developers. They are just as flexible in taking into account changes in specs as their coding colleagues.

Test implementation for manual or automated execution

Yest offers an editor to speed up the documentation of manual tests. This saves time, enabling test steps to be written more clearly. As a result, even people less familiar with the application to be tested can execute tests efficiently. No more dangerous cut-and-paste, which gives the illusion of making life easier! If you need to modify a text, the automatic change propagation service will take care of updating it wherever it needs to be applied.

Tests designed with Yest use parameters. Yest automatically calculates the data sets required to run each test. The tool automatically values the parameters of each test with the correct concrete data for execution. You no longer run the risk of starting a long scenario and then realizing that a piece of data is missing to complete the execution.

Automatic execution is prepared according to the best practice of keyword-driven testing. Each test step is translated (once!) into a sequence of keyword calls proposed by the test automation engineers . At first, this work can be carried out 4-handed with the test automation engineers , but very quickly, the functional tester will be autonomous in creating the functional script intended for automation. 

Whether for manual or automated tests, Yest provides a wide choice of publishers to publish manual tests in your preferred test management tool (MF ALM, Xray, Zephyr, AzureDevOps…) and automated scripts in the execution tool chosen for automation (Selenium, RobotFramework, Cucumber, Ranorex, Tosca, Cypress, etc.).


Installation, Yest project management, collaborative work...

Yest offers numerous aids to guide your work and help you avoid errors along the way: consistency checks between tests and decision tables, data usage indicators, traceability link usage indicators with Jira User Stories, search function, synchronization indicator with Jira…

Yest facilitates collaborative work using Jira or Git.

Testers work together on the same test repository. 

Yest enables testers to share their modifications with their colleagues, retrieve their changes and manage any conflicts. All this in a simple, graphical way, while observing the differences that may exist between their own path and that of a colleague.