FAQ – Frequently asked questions and YEST® help

About Yest and its Differentiation:

  • What is Yest and how does it differ from other test software?

    Yest is a test design solution for both manual and automated functional testing. Yest uses a visual representation approach to guide the creative work of test design. This approach follows the logic of the human brain, starting from the most general to the most specific. Yest also provides a set of accelerations to reduce repetitive, low-value tasks.

    Yest’s focus on test design is in itself a distinctive feature. Indeed, most QA organizations already use test management and test automation tools. Yest complements this existing tool chain to cover test design activity.

    Yest also stands out for its very substantial productive effects. It is commonly estimated that the test design, implementation and update phases account for around 35% of a QA team’s effort. With 40% productivity gains on these tasks, the direct positive impact is around 15% on the entire testing process. To this must be added the indirect positive impact on manual or automated execution. All in all, Yest’s productive contribution to a QA team is therefore around 20%, which is considerable. Note that this calculation does not take into account qualitative gains.

  • What are the advantages of collaborative test design based on visual representations with Yest?
    • Better visibility and understanding of business needs and tests by the whole team. 
    • Relevant test design
    • More efficient test production and updating

    And much more…

Integration and Implementation

  • How can I integrate Yest into my existing testing process?

    Yest is a test design tool, so it will be positioned between the requirements definition phase and test execution. Contact us to help you integrate Yest into your project activities.

  • Is Yest compatible with the tools we already use, such as Jira or Robot Framework?

    The answer is yes! Yest features a set of publishers enabling tests to be exported to a wide range of tools for manual and automated testing.

  • How does Yest facilitate communication between test, development and management teams?

    Visual representations are Yest’s strength for communication. Where long specifications or a multitude of User stories don’t always enable fluid exchanges, Yest models bring clarity and enable everyone to discuss their issues.

  • How do I get started with Yest in my company?

    You can choose to discover Yest on your own by joining our Yest community. Or contact us directly so that we can help you discover Yest.

Types of Tests and Customization

  • What types of tests can I design with Yest?

    With Yest, you can design system tests. For example, you can check your different user stories and build end-to-end tests for your different functionalities.

  • Does Yest support both manual and automated testing?

    Yes, Yest supports test design for both manual and automated execution. Click here for more details.

  • Can I customize tests designed with Yest to meet the specific needs of my project?

    Of course you can! You’re free to add your own parameters to the tests designed by Yest. And our support team is on hand to ensure that Yest evolves to meet your every need.

Support & ressources

  • Does Yest offer training or support for new users?

    Yes! face-to-face or remote training! What’s more, the Smartesting Academy is your reference for everything you need to know about Yest. And at any time you can request support from your dedicated CSM to answer any questions you may have.

  • How can I contact the Yest support team if I have any questions or problems?

    Visit our Yest community or create your request directly in our support system.

Demo & getting started

  • How can I get a demonstration of Yest?

    Simply fill in the form here and we’ll contact you.

  • How can I stay informed about the latest developments and updates from Yest?

    You can stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter.

Licensing and Fees:

  • What are Yest's license fees and options?

    Yest is offered as an annual subscription.Fixed license and Floating license.

    The subscription includes corrective and evolutionary maintenance, access to the community and on-line training.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, or to request a quotation tailored to your specific needs in terms of number of users.

Customer Testimonials

  • What are the testimonials from customers who have benefited from Yest?

    Read all our customer testimonials here.