Our mission is to help the QA & development teams deliver high quality software faster

Our story

From the picturesque landscapes of Franche-Comté, the land of Victor Hugo and the beloved cheese specialty « cancoillotte »,  Smartesting has made its mark on the software testing world with its innovative solutions.


Innovation, Smartesting’s DNA

Our journey began in 2017 with the launch of Yest®, our test design tool for professionals involved in functional system information validation. Yest® is a bunch of years of experience. It’s also the unyielding determination of our teams to create a tool that not only enhances the efficiency and agility of testers but also makes them happy!

Collaboration is at the core of our innovation journey. Our partnership with the cutting-edge research laboratory, Femto-ST is key to shape our vision. We’re committed to providing the best solutions that streamline the work of QA and development teams, revolutionizing the testing process.

Our global reputation as experts in Model-Based Testing (MBT) shows our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

That’s why we decided to tackle a second challenge – to develop a tool that enables the creation of end-to-end tests based on real production usage. In 2022, Gravity was born, answering this call.

Over the years, we take pride in our role in transforming the landscape of software testing, from conception to automation. We work with passion to make the testing process more efficient, intelligent, and enjoyable for all the stakeholders involved.


Continuous improvement, our driving force

At Smartesting, we firmly believe in the value of attentive listening to our clients and partners. It’s through this closeness that we’ve been able to create products that answer to the real needs of the testing industry

Our continuous improvement wish drives us to push the boundaries of technology, offering ever more powerful testing tools and methods. We are convinced that the future of AI-assisted test design holds great promise, and we are determined to be at the forefront.

Welcome to the Smartesting universe, where innovation meets passion, and testing becomes a truly intelligent experience.

We believe in



Innovation is the heart of our identity. At Smartesting, we continually strive to push the boundaries of technology. Whether through the products we design, integrating AI features, or by exploring new projects and taking up technical challenges. Innovation guides every aspect of our company.

Consideration & support

Our approach is user-centered, and we strive to build long-term trust-based relationships. We are available and compassionate to listen to our customers, ensuring they receive the best possible service. Your satisfaction is our priority.

A passion for testing

The passion for testing runs in Smartesting’s DNA. Our team includes seasoned experts in the field of testing. We also aim to elevate the profession of testers, often associated with repetitive and tedious tasks. We believe that testing is a critical discipline deserving recognition and excellence.

Excellence culture

Excellence is our North Star, whether within our team with its unique expertise, or in our products. We are committed to developing the best possible tools, leveraging our innovative know-how, to precisely meet our customers’ needs.


At Smartesting, efficiency is at the core of our approach, both within our company and in our solutions. Our team is responsive and devoted, ready to address users’ needs as fast as possible. Our solutions are designed to automate testing processes, reducing maintenance time and effort required, allowing you to focus solely on what truly matters.