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Product update December 2023



Autumn is on its way, and as the leaves fall, so do the new features in Gravity. In our discussions, you’ve told us about your need to understand who your users are and what they’re doing on your application, at a glance. We have good news about that. Also, to make installation and configuration of the data collector even easier, options relating to data confidentiality are now directly accessible from the Gravity settings panel.

Understand where your sessions come from

We added in October the capability to filter sessions and user journeys by OS, Browser, countries… As those criteria matter, why not show them and make them easy to understand? You now have charts in Gravity with session breakdowns, demographics info and more. Here are some examples:


Product update Gravity


Product update Gravity

Product update Gravity

View which pages of your application pages are most used

Also, to help you decide what matters most to be tested, knowing which pages are the most visited on your application can be a good indicator. Gravity displays which are the most visited pages, which pages most frequently start user sessions, and on which pages users have the most actions.

Product Update Gravity

Understand what your user’s journeys are

Sometimes a chart is worth more than a long speech… To make it easier to understand how your users use your application, Gravity now represents all the collected and filtered sessions on a unique chart.

Let’s see which are the most common user journeys on your app.

Product Update Gravity “sessions”

Get session anonymized videos

Once we added the ability to record session videos, it was obvious that some could capture sensible data in their text. Gravity now removes all the texts from video recordings by default.

Product Update Gravity “session anonymized”

Start/stop data collection, video collection, and video anonymization directly from Gravity’s setting panel

We heard you asking for capabilities to start/stop session recording from the Gravity UI. We added this capability in the settings panel, and you can now choose whether you want to record video or not. One more thing, you decide whether to anonymize or not the video (anonymized by default)

Bootstrap your Playwright test scripts

One last thing, we could export manual tests or Cypress scripts. Gravity is now also able to create Playwright scripts.

Product Update Gravity

Stay tuned for the next Product Update!

Stay tuned, based on those new visualizations, we will soon offer capabilities to interact with and help you better than ever to decide what you want to test!

Want to see Gravity in action? Want to start using it on your project? Please ask for a demo!

Product Update Gravity

Stay tuned!

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