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Product Update, June 2024

Product Update - Juin 2024

Hello! 🏖️ Summer is on its way, and we’re delighted to warmly welcome new features to Gravity with this product update. We learned from you about your needs to ensure more privacy, to understand better what your users do, and to know exactly what your tests actually cover. Also, automated tests can be now viewed in Gravity, and will enable better insights in Gravity to help you to know what really matters to cover. 

Let’s discover the fresh new features… and if you want to dive deeper into the product and learn about all the features, including the new ones, let’s book a brief demo here:

Data privacy, first

One major change to Gravity is the way we anonymize data by default. Here are two feedbacks we had:

  • How could I hide some image/video from my website (avatars, …)?
  • How to guarantee that when a feature changes, no new confidential information will be leaked in Gravity recordings?

The new gravity-data-collector (, from version 7.0.0, now hides everything by default from your production environment. Here is an example of what will be recorded by default with Gravity:

Gravity Product Update June 2024 - Allow list

Some not sensible data may be important for you to understand what happens on the application. Gravity enables you to define an allow list to define which value should be recorded.

 Allow list Gravity

With this mechanism, only what you decide will be recorded, and new data added on your application pages will be hidden by default.

Understand easier what your users do, with flow representation

To understand user journeys, a list of user actions, or a text description, is fine. But what’s better than visualizing what the user is doing, directly on your application? Gravity now lets you follow user sessions (as well as tests) thanks to sequences of screenshots.

Gravity Product Update June 2024 - Flow representation

Instantly understand what your users are doing, as well as your tests. The next step will be to also visualize usage trends and their coverage by your tests with this flow representation.

Visualize your cypress test results in Gravity

Benefit from our new gravity-cypress-plugin ( to record your test execution status and view them directly in Gravity. Access to each test execution and visualize it with the flow representation!

Gravity - flow representation

Now that we have ways to compare sessions and tests from different sources (production, pre-production, test environment, …), Gravity’s future is to give you insights to decide what really matters most to be tested now.

See you soon on Gravity?

Stay tuned, on the basis of those new features, we will continue to offer capabilities to help you better than ever to decide what you need to test! It remains for me to wish you a very pleasant summer, hoping to see you soon on Gravity.

Want to see Gravity in action? Want to start using it on your project? Please ask for a demo!

Gravity book a demo

Stay tuned!

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