AI-Powered Quality Intelligence

Gravity monitors real-world user behaviors and usage patterns in live production and test environments to generate quality analytics, identify test coverage gaps, and assist in prioritizing and generating test cases.

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Quality Intelligence

Quality Analytics

Generate insights and quality analytics by monitoring both production and test environments

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Quality Intelligence

Test Gap Analysis

Measure test coverage and perform coverage gap analysis to uncover areas under-tested or not tested

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Quality Intelligence

Test Optimization

Optimize existing test suites by selecting and prioritizing test cases based on the frequency of use in the tested areas

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Quality Intelligence

Test Generation

Generate automated E2E regression test cases for the most frequently used functionality and user journeys

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Gravity Benefits

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Test Managers

  • Leverage actual production data to identify common usage patterns, frequently accessed features, and critical user journeys, ensuring testing aligns with real-world behaviors.
  • Surface quality analytics and insights from monitoring production and test environments to implement a more comprehensive, adaptive, and usage-centric testing strategy.
  • Enhance test case prioritization by aligning closely with actual user interactions, resulting in finely-tuned coverage of critical user journeys.

Manual Testers

  • Reveal use cases and scenarios not explicitly documented in initial requirements, ensuring a more comprehensive testing process.
  • Replicate a diverse range of real-world scenarios and edge cases performed by real users, including various user personas and their preferences, usage patterns, devices, and environmental conditions.
  • Establish clear bug prioritization criteria, focusing on fixing bugs that affect high-impact areas and frequently used features.

Automation Engineers

  • Improve maintenance efficiency by accelerating test case generation, leading to a reduction in maintenance overhead.
  • Reduce test execution time by concentrating efforts on critical areas, enabling faster feedback and accelerating software delivery.
  • Ensure optimal resource allocation by focusing on critical software aspects and minimizing redundant and stagnant test suites that require costly maintenance overhead.
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