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Gravity new features : Product update – Q2 2023

Gravity new features

Hello there!!!

As summer has just settled, and before we enjoy the sun, the beach, and other pleasant activities, let’s discover Gravity new features.

Demo project

Most Gravity new features rely on usage data to just…work. To let you explore the product without having to set up data collection or wait to have enough of them, you can now generate a pre-populated domain from the “Domains” page:

Sample - Gravity product update 2023

This domain contains data generated from Planka, an open-source Trello-like application, that we use to illustrate our tutorials and documentation.

Request a call with our team to learn more about Gravity :

“Usages” to “Activities” and improvements

We renamed our “Usage” artifact to “Activity” to make things a bit clearer and distinguish the artifact we deal with in Gravity from the broader concept of “usage”.

We got feedback that it was tedious to monitor usage and test coverage of complex business activities with Gravity. For example, if you want to monitor all the ways of creating an event in a Calendar-like application, you would need to track every possible sequence of user interactions leading to the creation of an event. If you think of all the possible fields you can fill during this process, you’ll find out that it could be complicated to be exhaustive.

We added the possibility to use page navigation and HTTP request events as a step when defining a new activity. It allows you to define looser activities and capture behavior that would be complicated to track using only click/fill events.

User actions - Gravity product update 2023

Gravity new features: the Insights!!!

On our path to help you optimize your test suites, we added an “Insights” page that reports:

  • Not tested activities: activities with no tests covering them
  • Over-tested activities: activities with less than 5% of usage but tested more than once
  • Other detected activities: new patterns discovered in your application usage
Insights - Gravity product update 2023

What’s next

We plan to keep working on features that will help you test what really matters for your users. In the coming weeks, we will release new reports that would allow you to quickly analyze your whole test suite coverage against your product usage.

Learn more about the features here:

Gravity demo simple

Stay tuned!

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