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Visual ATDD: collaboration done done!

Our technologies to empower your practices

The effectiveness of collaborative approaches such as ATDD or BDD is well established. The challenge now is to successfully implement them at a large scale, within the QA teams of Enterprise Information Systems.In this context, radical statements such as "tomorrow, all developers", are unrealistic.

Smartesting brings the collaborative power of visual representations to align  all the project stakeholders, regardless of their profile or technical background in the blink of an eye.With Yest Enterprise and its Jira app, uninterrupted collaboration, specification by example, living documentation... are made real, right away with your current teams.

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Collaborative design and test automation
with YEST Enterprise





for Jira



Complexity represented with ease 

ATDD/BDD for real, it means being able to express the most complex Features, Epics and User Stories simply and clearly. Semi-formal languages such as Gherkin fail to meet this challenge and  long sequences of "given" "when" "then" are indigestible and tough to understand.

"A good picture is worth thousand words": With YEST Enterprise, Smartesting provides the "3 Amigos" (BA/PO, Developer, Tester) with a graphical language capable of clearly expressing the requirements, even the most complex ones, of specifying them by example, of contextualizing them. For all the project stakeholders, this is crystal-clear!

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Graphic-powered collaboration

Remarkable achievements often comes from the diversity of personalities, from the confrontation of individual creativities...
The visual representations built in YEST enable the "3 amigos" (and, more broadly, all the project's stakeholders) to contribute to the elicitation of the requirements with their own viewpoint. Simple and intuitive, they are adapted to all profiles, technical or business-oriented, expert or novice, operational or managerial, and facilitate a fruitful dialogue.

At the heart of the Jira ecosystem

Collaboration is a pillar of agile practices. It involves all the project/product stakeholders. It is often organized around Jira (Cloud or server).

YEST Enterprise consists of the app “YEST for Jira” and YESTTeam, the tester's IDE. Synchronized with each other, these 2 components of YEST Enterprise support a continuous and seamless collaboration between the PO/business analysts and the testing team; each of them using their favorite work environment.

33330 [Converti].jpg

Living Documentation

User Stories have, by nature a short life-span: once developed, they are discarded.

However, organizations of a certain size cannot do without documentation for their products and applications.

YEST's visual representations provide a living and effective documentation of your applications. They are structured, didactic and contextualized; they are both accurate and easy to use.

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