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Jeudi 04 mai 2023

Maximize the agile effect of Xray

How can you give your agile testing practices a boost? And how to optimize the contribution of XRay to your agile practices?


Jeudi 29 septembre 2022

REPLAY Webinar - BDD versus Visual ATDD

This webinar is about a compared analysis of BDD and ATDD, two well-known members of the TDD family. Both advocate the « test early » and shift-left testing best practice and are a fast-track to test automation. However, evil being in the details, it is crucial to fully understand the differences between these 2 testing approaches and to choose wisely when and how to implement one or the other. This webinar targets a wide audience and is in English.

Webinar - Actu carré Site Web.png

Thursday December 02 2021

Manual test / Automated test = same battle!

By making collaboration the foundation of all its practices, agility has broken many silos. There is one, however, that makes resistance, the one that separates manual testing from automated testing. Together let's identify how to make it disappear.

Webinar COGNIZANT - Actu Site Web.jpg

Thursday 3 June 2021

WEBINAR Replay - automate your legacy tests

45 minutes to discover a super-effective and highly robotized methods to automate manual tests of your business-critical application, illustrated with a client case. Co-hosted with Cognizant


Thursday January 14, 2021

Certification Smartesting Academy

The 1st certification of  module of "Visual Design and Implementation of Tests with Yest" took place on Thursday January 14th. Over a dozen testers passed the exam.


Next date: Thursday, April 8, 2021


Wednesday June 10 at 2:30 p.m.

REPLAY - Webinar "Visual ATDD: immersion in a strong practice of agile testing"

In this webinar produced on 06/10/2020, the YEST product team discussed how ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) has established itself as the most suitable collaborative practice of agile testing for IS QA teams. company, especially when it relies on a common intuitive graphical language for all profiles of the agile team.

In a very practical way, the following questions were addressed:  

  • How do you implement visual ATDD  concretely ?

  • How does the collaboration work between the different actors of the project  ?

  • How do tools play their role in this context  ?

>> Watch the replay


From 22 to 24 October 2019


Appointment given  at UCAAT Bordeaux  on Wednesday 23 October for a talk sharing experience on how, with the support of AI, we can now easily reduce  obsolete testing standards.

>> Discover the program


Until April 15, 2019


On Thursday February 21, Smartesting hosted a 45-minute webinar on the topic "How to make sure your test automation project succeeds". Did you miss it? A few more days to see it in replay.

>> Watch the replay

Documents et brouillées Hommes d'Affaire

November 8, 2017

Deux spécialistes
du test logiciel
se rapprochent
pour déployer YEST

YEST, a new graphic design test solution that helps organizations meet the challenges of digital and agile transformation

>> Read the press release

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Mardi 28 février 2023

Optimisez l'effet agile de Xray

Comment donner un coup de pouce à vos pratiques de tests agiles ? Et comment optimiser la contribution de XRay à vos pratiques agiles ?

Webinar - Actu carré Site Web_IDE-test_Replay.jpg

Jeudi 22 septembre 2022

REPLAY Webinaire - Testeurs, équipez-vous d'un IDE de test

En cette rentrée, Smartesting se propose de vous aider à muscler votre outillage de test en adaptant le concept de l’IDE du développeur et ainsi vous permettre de tester efficacement et avec plaisir.

Embarquez aux côtés d’Arnaud Bouzy pour, en 30 min de webinaire, faire le tour des fonctions majeures des IDE, et leur parallèle dans Yest.


Tuesday November 16, 2021

Replay webinar - Make your tests relevant thanks to your logs

During this webinar, Julien Botella explains how to obtain tests aligned with the use of your application from your logs. You will analyze the customer journeys in your application and / or the use of your APIs in order to measure and complete their coverage. 


Thursday 25 March 2021

REPLAY WEBINAR in english : BDD Gherkin vs Visual ATDD

The replay of a webinar in English, hosted from our sales office in India, which aims to compare visual ATDD and BDD Gherkin, to analyze what is similar and to show their difference in nature


Tuesday November 24  2020

Webinar REPLAY : agilize your test repository

Many legacy applications in your IT systems support essential business operations. They must therefore adopt the accelerated time-to-market of the digital age.

How to optimize these tests to address the need for super-fast turn-around time? How to refactor regression tests to make them fit for test automation? How to agilize legacy manual tests at low cost?

This webinar presents how to give a 2nd life to your legacy tests with ORBITER

Taj Mahal

News Spring 2020

Smartesting In INDia

Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon... names that have become familiar in the vocabulary of actors in IT. In fact, it is with software testing (and also call centers) that India has established itself as the No. 1 offshore destination for Western companies.

For Smartesting, India is both a huge market employing tens of thousands of software testers and a gateway to the Anglo-Saxon world. We therefore decided to return to India, based on the certainties gained on the French market that our Test Design Automation solutions are vectors of agility and productivity.

Our team is based in Chennai and covers the whole Indian territory with the exclusive mission of promoting our products Yest and Orbiter to "test factories" of the major Indian and Western IT companies or by large companies in the banking, insurance, telecom, etc. sectors.

To contact them, nothing could be easier:
Namaste India!

>> Contact our team in India


Monday, September 30, 2019


Julien Botella, Orbiter Product Manager, hosted a webinar presenting  how he is  possible to revive - easily - a repository of obsolete manual tests. 

>> Watch the replay


November 13 to 15, 2018 - The Hague

YEST at the show

Smartesting was exhibitor at the European test fair held in The Hague in the Netherlands.

>> Find out more about Eurostar Conference


Mardi 06 décembre 2022

Automatisez vos tests, mieux, plus, moins cher

Découvrez, avec un  exemple concret, comment produire facilement et rapidement des scripts automatisés avec YEST® et Cypress.


Lundi 09 mai à 12h00

REPLAY Webinaire - Communication visuelle au service du test logiciel

« Un bon dessin vaut mieux qu’un long discours ». Au sein de l’équipe agile le visuel se décline sous toutes ses formes mais qu'en est-il pour les activités du test ? C'est ce que vous propose d'étudier Marc Hage-Chahine dans ce nouveau webinaire "la taverne du Testeur"


Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 September 2021

review of the highlights of smartesting
at JFTL 2021

The JFTL started strong with our 2 software YEST and GRAVITY tested by the participants of 2 tutorials on Monday ... the continuation in pictures in this short video.

Thursday 25 March 2021

REPLAY WEBINAR: REX from ADIS - one year with YEST

This AXA subsidiary has adopted YEST, the visual and agile design solution for Smartesting tests.

Davy Metangmo, Manager of the ADIS Testing team, gives you his feedback as well as the lessons learned after more than a year of using YEST by his team.


Thursday, October 15, 2020

REPLAY - Webinar: Test Automation -  A new angle of attack to meet the challenge

Despite a multiplication of tools and frameworks, documented good practices, an abundant literature on networks, conferences all over the world,  test automation remains A CHALLENGE for many organizations.

In this kind of case, Anglo-Saxon common sense invites us to think "out of the box", considering the proposed challenge from a different angle.

>> Watch the replay


Thursday April 2, 2020

replay webinaire

For the QA teams of large corporate information systems, going to agile testing is a new challenge. The IS context presents specific technical and organizational constraints. The solutions of others do not necessarily apply here.


IS QA teams, we have found the agile test solution for you.

>> Watch the replay


Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 April 2019

Smartesting a la JFTL

Great success again for the 2019 edition of the JFTL. Smartesting was present as an exhibitor and speaker of a talk. Back in pictures on this highlight for the test community in France.

>> Back in pictures


Thursday 11 October 2018

CONFERENCE ATDD + Atelier conception visuelle & préparation des JDD

Bruno Legeard will host a conference  on ATDD followed by a workshop in partnership with ALTRAN on the visual design of tests and the preparation of data sets. 

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