YEST, MODERN Model-Based Testing

Developer of the MBT tool "CertifyIt" since 2003, Smartesting has a worldwide reputation as a Model-Based Testing specialist. Promoter of the MBT approach to the International Software Testing & Qualification Board (ISTQB, which has certified more than 500 000 testers to date in the world), we have largely contributed to the writing of the MBT syllabus and published a book to prepare for certification.

YEST is a modern Model-Based Testing solution. Yest® revisits the traditional MBT approach to adapt to the challenges of the digital and agile transformation that now affects the IT backbone of large organizations.


A modern tool, YEST must first be pragmatic and easy to use, making the modeling intuitive and accessible to all functional testers.

A 2- hour getting started session, and you're up and running with YEST !

To do this, YEST shakes up the MBT dogma by putting the graphic part and the test cases in their textual form at the same level of importance. This is why we no longer speak of "model", but of "visual representations of the application workflows": the graph is no longer the only owner of the truth, it is no longer the sole source of test production. No need to complicate the model to get the desired tests, no need to torture your brain to know how the generation algorithms will interpret your model!


With YEST, if a generated test case is not exactly to your taste, you can edit the text directly: this way is simpler, more pragmatic, more efficient, more agile!



A modern tool, YEST must also be pleasant to use, fluid and efficient.


This is where the functions of automatic generation but also refactoring come into play.


With YEST, you can modify an element of your tests whenever and wherever you want, YEST supports the automatic propagation of this change throughout your project.


Thus, in the development and maintenance phases of your test set, you are super-responsive and you control your production.

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