Designed to improve efficiency of testing teams

Easy-to-use graphic interface for visual test design and control over test coverage

  • User-friendly graphic interface to draw application workflows and sub-workflows

  • Control over test coverage based on user-defined criteria (requirements, User Stories, risks, priorities, etc.)

  • Graphic representation of test coverage by the scenarios produced, real-time updates

  • Refactoring of changes

  • Application workflow data and business rules presented in a simple table layout

Accelerates implementation

of test scenarios

  • Automatic real-time consistency check between the scenarios and application workflows

  • Automatic generation of scenarios

  • Assisted test scenario development

  • ​​“Suggest” function to auto-complete a scenario that was manually initiated

  • Directly edit test steps to fine-tune scenarios

  • Automatic identification of logical data combinations

  • Assistance in selecting implementation data sets (used in execution) by association with design data (carrying a business meaning)

  • Simple adjustment of test intensity via data variability

  • Automatic consistency check to facilitate maintenance

  • Publication of data sets together with their corresponding test scenarios

Preparation of manual test campaigns

  • Creation of detailed test actions for manual test execution by people not familiar with the application

  • Definition of test campaigns

  • Publication of manual test scenarios into test management tools (MF-ALM, XRay, SquashTM, TestRail, TestLink, etc.)

Generation of test scripts for automation

  • Preparation of automated scripts

  • Publication of automated script for various tools (MF-UFT, Selenium, Ranorex, Cucumber, RobotFramework, etc.)

User-friendly features

and project management

  • Export of project elements in document format (Word)

  • Auto-complete and search functions

  • Management of project elements in file explorer format

  • Automatic recording of user actions – undo function to cancel recent actions

  • Version management with SVN or Git

  • Copy-paste function for projects, workflows and sub-workflows

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