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YEST® for a test process even more « lean »

50% less rework

The Accenture services centre at Nantes has the city hall of a big city as one of its clients.

The IT system of the city hall comprises 150 applications and manages services for its 2 million citizens and 50,000 municipal officers. The IT system is managed by 22 Project Owner departments and 5 IT services departments.

The challenges faced by the Accenture test centre were as follows:

  • Improve “proximity” with customer teams through a mutual understanding of ‘lean’

  • Strengthen control over coverage of produced tests

  • Design tests faster so as to be in sync with the pace of Sprints

  • Accelerate test automation

  • Be extremely responsive in the maintenance phase

Accenture integrated Yest® into its tool chain that also includes Cucumber, Selenium and Xray.


The visual representations of Yest® helped facilitate communication and improve mutual understanding between the service centre and its customer, thereby reducing rework by 50%.


Other tangible results presented at JFTL (French testing day) 2018 are as follows:

  • 15% productivity gain in the creation phase

  • 40% productivity gain in the maintenance phase

  • Improved control over test coverage,

  • Higher levels of responsiveness,

  • Greater satisfaction levels for the service centre and its customer


Yest® - turbo-charge your test automation

To automate efficiently 100% of their IT systems tests with YEST®

This customer is the largest software company in France, with emblematic products that are market leaders. Their IT system bears a close resemblance to the typical image of what is common on the market: complex systems, multiple and legacy software, in-house developments, web applications and customised ERPs, different versions for each country, etc.

Two factors set them apart from the rest: on the one hand, some of their teams in charge of IT systems are in India, geographically and culturally far from the nerve centre in France which writes the requirement specifications; and on the other hand, this customer has a high level – nearly 100% - of test automation.

Two challenges that Yest® was equal to!

With YEST®, this customer was able to achieve their objectives:

  • YEST®’s visual representations are a communication support for effective transfer and validation of functional knowledge between the French teams and their counterparts in India. Test quality was achieved with close, shared monitoring of test coverage, summarised in the Yest® dashboard.

  • Smartesting also worked in close collaboration with this customer’s teams to optimise Yest®’s integration into its test automation chain and to maximise services in order to help the Indian teams gain even more efficiency and responsiveness in the production of automated scripts.

From business to testing at high speeds

Smartesting collaborates with Signavio and Hiptest on the BPM4Test European project


This project was set up as part of the EUREKA Eurostar European program. For the anecdote, we finished 7th amongst more than 300 applications. We are extremely proud that we were able to showcase software testing even when faced with competition from more trendy topics such as bio-tech, IoT, AI, etc.

​Smartesting collaborated with 2 other partners to carry out this project: Signavio, the successful German software vendor of a cloud-based Business Process Management solution, and Hiptest, a French company (recently acquired by Smartbear of USA), developer of a cloud-based test management solution.

​Smartesting’s technology lies in the heart of this project. It enhances the Signavio platform with a test scenario development module based on business process models created on the BPM platform. The Smartesting module creates a bi-directional link with the Hiptest platform onto which it sends the generated tests. It then collects the execution results and displays them in the process model.

The BPM4Test project is still in development as of today. In a user-centric design approach, we are currently validating main elements of value as well as some user experience choices with some of our larger BPM clients. Stay tuned for upcoming news…

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