Leverage your test repository

Tests refactored to broaden the horizon of possibilities

Technological evolutions accelerate software obsolescence and impose perilous revamping of critical applications.

Should all legacy assets be thrown away at this occasion ?

Manual test repositories contain huge functional knowledge that can be leveraged. To make your repository reusable at full speed, Orbiter uses AI technologies to analyze, clean up and refactor your existing tests. Once refactored and parameterized, these manual tests can also be automatically converted into automated keyword-based scripts.

Analyze and clean at AI speed

Cleaning up a repository of redundant, obsolete or simply false manual tests implies first of all carefully rereading all the tests and analyzing in detail thousands of steps: too tedious and too long!


The Orbiter AI does this analysis work in a few tenths of a second and displays the result. All that remains is for the test team to use its functional knowledge of the applications under test to make the right decisions: The intelligence, the real one, is there.


By processing time-consuming and daunting tasks, Orbiter enables testing teams to optimize their manual test assets 4 to 6 times faster!

Reduce exorbitant hidden costs

The test repository managed in your Test Management tool (ALM, , Xray...) is used by everyone, from project stakeholders to managers. A deteriorated repository where hundreds of obsolete tests are piled up among other valid tests is, every day, a few minutes wasted in tedious searches.

Cleaning and optimizing the test repository regularly with Orbiter is a very profitable investment. The cost is low, the RoI is massive!

With Orbiter, I refactor and optimize my test repository 5 times faster
 - Elodie B. (Sogeti)

Coût annuel du temps perdu du fait d'un référentiel dégradé

Racing towards test automation

Test repositories from historically siloed organizations working in a V-cycles are often composed of unfit-for -automation test cases; asking automation engineers to script them as they are is like starting from scratch - forget it!

On the other hand, once reworked, homogenized, refactored and parameterized by functional testers with the help of Orbiter, these historical tests become  a suitable material for automation again: reduced number of keywords to implement, parameterized data, graphical workflows to help trace the functional logic, automatic publication of functional scripts in the automation environment and in the language of this environment... For your automation engineers, it's a highway!

A map to outline your migration project

Orbiter graphically rebuilds your application's business workflows from legacy manual tests: like the tailors' pattern, these visual representations help you to reproduce the features you want to keep in your migration project, and easily modify the tests for those you want to change.



Smartesting develops cognitive test solutions that boost the efficiency of IT Quality Assurance teams.


Our products combine visual representations and AI technologies to facilitate the agile design of business relevant tests and accelerate their automation.




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