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Automate broader

And get 2-digit productivity gains

In the testing community, the term "automate" invariably refers to test execution. However, execution is just one task in the testing process, admittedly an important one. Why automate this one only?

Smartesting provides the tools that automate test design and implementation and complete your tool chain. Extending test automation to test design and all the way to test execution! The result is dramatic, double-digit productivity gains!

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A streamlined test production chain

Implementing the tools best suited to your context for each task in the testing process is good. However, the integration of one tool to another must be fluid and efficient.

With its publishers, YEST® integrates seamlessly with test management tools such as MF ALM, Xray, SquashTM... as well as with a large number of automation frameworks.

Test design:

An untapped reservoir of productivty

Test design accounts for approximately 35% of the testing effort. However, test teams continue to design and implement their scenarios and test cases with unsuitable tools (Excel, ALM, etc.).

With YEST®, our users achieve productivity gains of 30% in creation and more than 50% in maintenance: do the math!


Accelerate and automate :

At all stages of the testing process

The accelerating pace of production releases requires more efficiency throughout the entire test production chain.

  • Functional input/Requirements: with its visual representations, YESTmakes collaboration with the business analysts more fruitful.

  • Test design: with YEST, you develop an optimal number of the most relevant tests.

  • Test implementation: manage your test data and generate automated scripts

  • Test maintenance: Orbiter uses AI to clean and optimize your deteriorated tests set, then YEST ensures efficient maintenance without generating any technical debt.

  • Automated test maintenance: with YEST, the bulk of script updates are done quickly and efficiently by the functional tester without the need for automation engineer's intervention.

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