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Situated in the heart of Franche-Comté region (known for cancoillotte cheese and also birthplace of Victor Hugo), Smartesting enjoys a reputation of being a leading expert in Model-Based Testing worldwide. This innovative method for software test design uses smart algorithms to automatically generate tests from graphical representations of the application to be validated.

Smartesting launched Yest® in 2017. A visual and Agile test design tool meant for professionals who carry out functional validation of IT systems. Yest® is the fruit of the Smartesting team’s unique know-how, experience as well as their unrelenting determination to offer the IT testing community a simple tool with which testers can be more efficient, Agile and... happy!


With the help of a European research laboratory, Femto-St Institute, which prepares the ground on the latest innovative technologies, and by listening attentively to its customers and partners, Smartesting creates innovative tools to help testers in their work and to industrialise test processes.

Are you looking to have higher levels of automation, industrialisation and efficiency in testing? 

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Expert Testing

For over 20 years, Bruno’s brain has been intensely working on software testing, how it is practiced, its challenges, and the methods and technologies that foster its progress (specially by associating graphic representations to test).


Bruno’s brain is fascinating: a PhD in Information Technology, a professor and researcher at the University of Franche-Comté, world’s leading expert in Model-Based Testing, and heavily involved in implementing AI in testing.


Bruno shares his expertise with the testing community thanks to his roles with entities such as CFTL (French Software Testing Board) and ISTQB. From these control towers, he also observes market trends and identifies promising innovations.

As a consulting scientist at Smartesting, he advises the company on his choice of technology, and guides the product vision.


Arnaud BOUZY

Product Manager

Arnaud’s drawings aren’t pretty, but he is the king of modelling, or, to be exact, modelling software. CAD Software developer at MatraVision, followed by his stints at Rational and IBM, he has widened his ambit at Smartesting as a Product Manager, propagating our company’s product vision. Make no mistake: Arnaud isn’t anything like a lab rat!


A voracious reader, Arnaud names data sets after fictional characters - Julien Sorel, Cyrano, Jean Valjean, Charles Swann, etc. - in our product demos. He doesn't tell our clients tall tales, but come evening, he creates drama on the stage!

Yest® users, it is this versatile, high-calibre software developer who moulds our product: you are in for a treat!



Global Customer Success Manager

With or without her beloved bass clarinet, Anne sets the tempo for Smartesting's development in the German-speaking markets (answering to the acronym "DACH").

During her career in highly regulated and therefore demanding industries (e-payment, life sciences), Anne has accumulated exceptional experience in IT projects, especially in their QA and testing dimension. An expert in test design approaches based on visual representations, she contributed to the ISTQB Model Based Tester syllabus and co-authored the preparation guide for this certification (Model-Based Testing Essentials - Wiley - 2016).

Because, above all, Anne likes to share her knowledge and know-how. In 3 languages please (D, Fr, Engl)! And that's perfect because her mission as Global CSM at Smartesting is precisely to show our customers the power of the ATDD (Acceptance Test Design Development) approach supported by YEST and to guide its implementation in order to make agile QA team members more and more efficient and value contributors.



Product Manager

Julien is a curious mind. Naturally, he has been the jack-of-all-trades at our company: research projects on cutting-edge technologies (at the moment, he's focusing on AI, NLP, hierarchical clustering, neural networks, etc.), product development, scrum master, customer support... Apart from accounting, he has done almost everything at Smartesting.


Curious, then, but with a penchant for sharing: a teacher at heart, Julien excels at supervising our interns and freshers, and is also a captivating speaker.


On the personal side, Julien's family has recently grown exponentially, in one fell swoop! That's probably why, at Smartesting, we agreed that he should now focus on one baby, our new product GRAVITY, which he has the mission of shaping to make your eyes shine.



Customer Success Manager
& experte YEST

Elodie was a "Smartester" long before joining Smartesting:


First, she studied the subject of test design based on graphical representations during her studies. Her doctoral thesis (Oh yes! Elodie holds a PhD in computer science!) was on "the agile approach of Model-Based Testing for enterprise IT systems".


Then, as part of her missions for a large French IT Service company, Elodie worked with the QA teams of several large accounts, and implemented YEST in various operational contexts. Her technical expertise and her leadership have done wonders.


This is why she is now our Customer Success Manager (CSM). With her skills and experience, she will guide your teams towards excellence and success; with attentiveness,  and good humor!

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To sustain our growth, we are looking to hire competent professionals. We regularly recruit software engineers and software test engineers. We also offer internships to students preparing a master engineering degree in computer science.

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