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-   2 editions and a Jira app

Test Design Automation
for manual and automated tests

QA teams' test
development environment


Workflow-based test scenario definition by the 3 Amigos in Jira

App YEST for Jira


Collaborative test design in Agile mode

YEST Enterprise

All YEST Team functions 
+ synchro with app YEST for Jira

Collaboration extended                          to the entire agile team


YEST® is a visual-based tool for designing and automating functional tests in Agile.

By accelerating the production of business-relevant tests, YEST® significantly and measurably reduces the costs of creating and maintaining manual and automated test cases (30% for design and 50% for maintenance).

The free YEST® for Jira add-on allows teams to share and capitalize on their functional knowledge via graphs and forms the basis for collaboration between business teams, QA teams and software developers.

Easy-to-use graphic interface for visual test design and control over test coverage

  • User-friendly graphic interface to draw application workflows and sub-workflows

  • Control over test coverage based on user-defined criteria (requirements, User Stories, risks, priorities, etc.)

  • Graphic representation of test coverage by the scenarios produced, real-time updates

  • Refactoring of changes

  • Application workflow data and business rules presented in a simple table layout

Yest Team

YEST®, visual test design solution

Designed to improve efficiency of testing teams


Yest forJira

Graphical test workflow editor in Jira

YEST for Jira

  • YEST test workflows are a new type of Jira issue


  • Editing of test workflows with the same graphical palette as YEST​

  • "Comments" function to communicate with testers and YEST Enterprise users​

  • Bi-directional synchronization with YEST Enterprise​

  • Versioning of issues and display of the differences between version​

  • Traceability links with the other Jira issues of the project (Epics, US, Defects, Test...)

  • Display of the test coverage percentages on the workflow (when usage of a Jira-based test management tool)

Yest enterprise
  • Export of project elements in document format (Word)

  • Auto-complete and search functions

  • Management of project elements in file explorer format

  • Automatic recording of user actions – undo function to cancel recent actions

  • Version management with SVN or Git

  • Copy-paste function for projects, workflows and sub-workflows

All functions of YEST Team
+ synchronization with YEST for Jira

YEST Enterprise


Testimonials from YEST customers