From functional requirements to test cases…
Optimize your test process with CertifyIt Model-Based Testing approach

The CertifyIt solution supports the modeling of application behaviors as well as business processes and rules to control the automatic generation and maintenance of test cases. Traceability is managed automatically and the produced test cases are published and maintained in the form of manual tests or automatic scripts composed of keywords to be implemented.

CertifyIt helps you to industrialize and optimize your test process: the test model makes it possible to master the functional complexity and to generate the most effective tests by ensuring the traceability links. It is also the single point of maintenance facilitating the update of test cases when specifications change. The various publications accelerate the production of reporting documents, for example for security assessments.

Optional modules:
  • Test Purpose: The "Test Purpose" module provides a dedicated language that enables the representation of test patterns and generate tests that are variations of this pattern
  • TOCL: TOCL is a temporal language dedicated to the expression of security properties. With the TOCL module, CertifyIt generates additional tests and guarantees that the system under test respects temporal properties
  • MBeeTle is a module dedicated to automated exploratory testing for robustness purposes; more precisely, MbeeTle implements intelligent exploratory testing because exploration is guided by the test model

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