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Smartesting is a software product company specialized in testing and software quality. Smartesting offers solutions focused on the design phase of the functional testing process. Our innovative approach is based on visual representations of the software to be tested and the automatic test generation. The solutions of Smartesting, Yest® and CertifyIt®, respectively addressed actors of the IT market and actors of the the technical & embedded software market.


Work @Smartesting

Joining Smartesting means evolving in a fast growing organization where every day brings a new challenge.

Our team offers many exciting opportunities in software development, consulting, sales and traineeship.
Smartesting may be interested in your profile:

  • If you are a resident of France.
  • If you’re convinced customers satisfaction comes first,
  • excellence in action and sharing trust in business are meaningful for you,
  • you would like to be part of the innovation brought to the world thanks to the team work,
About Smartesting


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